Imagine some of the things that Mia can do for you today… And imagine what it can do tomorrow…

Scenario 1: Imagine driving back home from work. As you get close to the gates of your building, your smartphone alerts you to press ‘no’ if you don’t wish the gates to open automatically. You take no action and the gates open. You enter your property and the garage door also proceeds to open automatically while your alarm system is automatically deactivated. As you walk inside your house, Mia switches on your stereo and starts playing your favorite Spotify playlist. At the same time, Mia rolls up the blinds and adjusts the lights accordingly. After a while, your friends arrive at the gates. Mia alerts you as they press the buzzer of the videophone. You greet them and let them in. Then with a simple voice command via Alexa, Mia adjusts the color of your living room lights to a soft green of medium intensity and tunes in to another station playing laid-back classic jazz. Now you are all set for a great time with your friends!
(Note: The above scenario illustrates that if desired, multiple actions can be triggered automatically. Entrance to the property and house can also be adjusted so that the user has control over the final action to be taken. As such, a notification can be sent prior to triggering the next action. The final set up will depend on the property layout, as well as user preference.)

Scenario 2: Imagine you are away from home on a summer holiday abroad. Back at home, it is raining heavily. Mia sends an alert to your phone to let you know about the weather conditions, and more importantly, informing you that it will put the automatic watering of your plants or garden on hold for 24 hours. If you don’t agree, Mia will let you cancel her decision and restore the irrigation program back to normal despite the rainfall. In the meantime, the swimming pool maintenance crew is at your gates buzzing to be let in. Once you allow Mia to open the gates for the team, you see through the surveillance cameras that they are indeed cleaning your pool and when they are done, you remotely open the gates to let them leave. While you are engaging with Mia, you are also tempted to check the status of your exquisite wine collection stored in your cellar. Both room temperature and humidity are perfect, the cava cooling system is running smoothly and so is your peace of mind.

Scenario 3: Imagine it is the middle of the day, you are at home and you feel like watching a movie. Your voice command to Alexa to: “prepare the room for a movie” also kicks Mia into action. Mia proceeds to close the curtains, roll down the blinds, power up the TV and the AV system, adjust the ambient lighting and set the air-conditioning temperature accordingly. All you have to do is sit down, relax and enjoy your movie. Once the movie is finished, on instruction Mia will return the room to how it was before, opening curtains, rolling up the blinds and powering off the audio and video systems.

Scenario 4: Imagine one day Mia sends you an alert telling you that your photovoltaic system’s average monthly production is not comparable to the same period of the previous year. You take action and figure out that the reason is most likely because it has not rained yet this year, and so the panels require cleaning. Another day sometime later, you receive another similar alert telling you that the power consumption of your wine cellar’s air conditioning system has increased compared to the same period in previous years. This indicates that the system needs servicing, which is why it could not maintain the proper temperature and humidity, despite the non-stop operation of the system’s compressor. You take action and indeed a fault is identified, thus saving your wine collection from being ruined because of the high temperatures. Once the maintenance of the wine cellar air-conditioning system is done, you enter it into Mia so that you have the service history easily accessible.

Scenario 5: Imagine you are in bed in the morning and as the sun comes up, Mia makes sure that your alarm goes off at the correct time you need to get up. She then proceeds to automatically open the blinds and after a while, starts the coffee machine brewing for you to have a fresh cup of coffee once you are ready. Next Mia turns on the TV to your favorite morning news channel. While enjoying your coffee and breakfast, Mia turns on the climate control of your Tesla that is parked in the garage and once the cabin temperature of your car reaches the optimum level, Mia notifies you on your smartphone. It is time to go to work and with a simple voice command to Mia via Alexa, all lights and home appliances switch off, blinds close and the security system is activated while the garage door and gates automatically open for you. You drive out of your property, watching through your rearview mirror as the garage door and gates close behind you. You can now head to work with the peace of mind that your house is safe, secure and monitored.