ManageThings LTD

Who We Are

ManageThings Ltd is a vibrant company specializing
in smart home, commercial and industrial automation solutions.


Our company consists of business and engineering professionals with a deep understanding of modern technological innovation and digital tools. Our team combines the extensive experience of senior executives, who have spent decades building and selling complex IT solutions on behalf of Fortune 500 multinationals, together with the passion of young tech experts, loaded with fresh, bold business ideas and superb knowledge of the latest software tools. In fact, our team has been involved in multiple projects and product development – from ideation to complete product delivery. Collectively, we have developed a number of world-class products that continue to make a positive impact on the businesses who use them, as well as their clients around the world. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with software application development and complex systems integration; skills which are essential for any smart automation project.

Our Vision

Having this background and skills, we set out to build our groundbreaking platform Mia. The advanced modern technology that Mia is based on not only future proofs our solution to support the latest protocols and standards in home and building automation, but also allows us to support legacy solutions. Unlike any other automation solution, Mia goes beyond smart automation. She automates numerous mundane daily tasks, while at the same time providing powerful insights and intelligence for the user through its robust data analytics. The result is significant cost savings on utility bills and a prolonged lifecycle for key equipment/appliances thanks to preventive maintenance notifications.

Core Values

We are obsessed with making the world a better place to live in through our solutions. Moreover, our passion to stay ahead of ongoing technological progress, combined with our commitment to continue enhancing the functionality of our platform, make us second to none.